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About us

Serving the photo and video markets since 2004, Fotodiox is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality, professional and affordable photography and videography accessories. Known for such products as the WonderPana wide-angle filter system, the Vizelex ND Throttle adapter series, award-winning GoTough accessories, and the groundbreaking and award-winning PopSpot, FACTOR and FlapJack LED lights.

Awards Won:
Professional Photographer Magazine “HOT ONE 2016 PICKS” in August 2016 for Fotodiox Pro FlapJack Studio (C-700RSV) Bicolor LED Light
Videomaker's Best Light of 2016 for Fotodiox Pro FlapJack LED C-700RSV Bicolor Studio Edge Light
Popular Photography - 2013 Pop Awards: The Best Photography Gear of the Year for Fotodiox Pro LED-100WA-56 Daylight Studio LED
• RESOURCE Magazine's Best of 2013: Editor's Pick Award for GoTough Gear

Awards Nominated:
2017 Lucie Technical Award in Best Continuous Light Source for Fotodiox Pro PopSpot