Ultimate Fast Studio Kit

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The Ultimate Fast Studio Kit is a hybrid studio and location kit. The kit is large and versatile enough to create a studio space, while still durable and portable enough to take on the road as a location kit. The kit has three slim profile 508 AS dimmable LED panels. With fully adjustable color temperature. The kit includes a pair of Sony style rechargeable batteries for each light and a separate recharger for each set. The batteries and rechargers all fit inside a roomy softcase with a shoulder strap. The kit also includes a pair of 8 foot light stands, and an overhead boom for flexible positioning. The included background stand kit and 10’x10’ grey and green muslin backdrops quickly transform any space into a ready-to-shoot studio. The Ultimate Fast Studio Kit is powerful enough for studio work, and small enough to travel.

Kit Includes:
  • 3x Fotodiox Pro LED508AS LED Photo/Video Light Kits
  • 2x 8' Spring Cushion Light Stands w/ Case
  • 1x Heavy Duty Pro Boom Stand
  • 1x Background Support System
  • 1x 10' x 10' Chroma Key Green Muslin Backdrop
  • 1x 10' x 10' Gray Muslin BackDrop

  • Fotodiox Pro LED-508AS, Professional 508 LED Dimmable, Dual Color Photo/Video Light Kit with included batteries and charger
    The Fotodiox Pro LED-508AS is a professional, powerful, yet lightweight light that uses 254 ultra bright 5600k LEDs and 254 ultra bright 3200k LEDs to mix lighting as needed. The LEDs offer full spectrum, beautifully soft light to make the ideal choice for both studio photo and studio video production. The rear battery mounts allow for the option to do location shooting anywhere, even if there is no power available! The rear dimmer dial allows the light to be adjusted as needed for almost every shooting scenario. The removable diffusion panel allows the light to be diffused as needed for most shooting scenarios and allows a number of additional gels and/or diffusion cloths to be added to help control and create the perfect lighting.

  • 10-100% Power Dimmer Dial
  • 508 Ultra-Bright LEDs
  • Adjustable Color Temp from 3200k to 5600k
  • Color Index Rating @ 82
  • Removable Stand Mount w/ Ball Joint
  • Built-in Battery Life Indicator

  • Fotodiox Heavy Duty Studio Light Stand FX-806, 8.5 ft. Stand with Spring Cushion for Studio Strobe, Lighting Fixtures
    This lightweight, heavy-duty light stand (made of anodized black aluminum alloy) is designed for location shooting and small to medium studios. Our light stand feature a non-slip twist lock for quick and easy set-up, a spring cushioned center column that adds safety to the light fixture and a wide spread leg base whcih adds more stability.

  • Heavy Duty Construction, Made with Anodized Aluminum
  • 8' 6" Max Heights for Most Lighting Applications
  • 24 Month Manufacture Warranty

  • Heavy Duty Boom and Stand with Iron Balance
    This lightweight, heavy-duty boom stand (made of anodized black aluminum alloy) is designed for location shooting and small to medium studios. The boom stand features an extendable arm, up to 7' 2" when fully extended, and the arm can also be adjusted with minimal extension through the grip. The stand features a non-slip twist lock for quick and easy set-up. The universal grip makes the stand easily transportable from location to location and the 10-pound counter balance aids the armload. Stand has a light fixture mount and wide spread leg base for added stability.

  • Max Height of 6.5 Feet, Min Height of 4 Feet
  • Stand Weighs 16 lbs with Counter Weight, Will Hold Lights up to 25 lbs
  • Center Tube Diameter of 1-1/8" with 3 Total Sections

  • 4 Section Background Stand Kit
    This heavy-duty background stand is designed for location shooting and small to medium studio set-ups. The perfect support system for 53" and 107" roll paper as well as muslin backgrounds up to 12' wide. Set-up is quick and easy! Crossbars twist and lock into each other and then fastens to the stands with wing nuts for added security. The carrying bag included with the kit is made of black waterproof Nylon. It is also fully padded with separate compartments for each stand and each crossbar.

  • Max Height of 10 feet, Min Height of 4.3 feet
  • Weighs 16 lbs with a Max Load Capactiy of 35 lbs
  • Max Width of 12.3 feet, Min Width of 6.1 feet
  • 4 Crossbars Sections, Crossbar Diameter - 1 1/8"

  • Fotodiox Muslin Backdrop/Background, Premium Grade Heavy Thick Material 10x10', Chromakey Green
    The Fotodiox Collapsible Chromakey backdrop is ideal for digital still and video photographers who do many on-location shootings and studio portraits. Chromakey is very helpful when using Photoshop because the program may separate the chromakey from subject, and using different layers to replace chromakey background. For the chromakey to work easily with Photoshop, even and soft lighting should be applied to chromakey background. To avoid 'spilling' of chromakey color onto subject, place subject a small distant from background. Harsh lighting on chromakey may create hotspots and ghost effect, which will be difficult in chromakey separation process. Having a chromakey backdrop is a great advantage to the digital photographer.

  • Seamless 10x10 ft wrinkle resistant muslin background
  • Pro-Grade, Heavy Duty, Muslin Material
  • Designed with high quality fade resistant dyes by our artists.
  • Standard 10 ft wide background, suitable for both location and studio settings

  • Fotodiox Muslin Backdrop/Background, Premium Grade 10x10', Dyed Gray
    Our Solid Color Muslin Collection are hand-dyed, and multi-purpose in and out the studio.The Fotodiox Muslin background is made of seamless muslin fabric and is wrinkle resistant when un-folded due to fabric weight distributed throughout background. Solid Color Muslins give you an easy and elegant solution for any subject. These seamless masterpieces and beautiful colors will make your photographs snap to life.

  • Seamless 10x10 ft wrinkle resistance muslin background
  • Made of high quality fade resistant dyes are matched with fine muslin material by our artists.
  • Standard 10ft wide background, suitable for location and studio setting

  • Description Ultimate Fast Studio Kit
    Kit Includes 3x Fotodiox Pro LED508AS LED Photo/Video Light Kits
    2x 8' Spring Cushion Light Stands w/ Case
    1x Heavy Duty Pro Boom Stand
    1x Background Support System
    1x 10' x 10' Chroma Key Green Muslin Backdrop
    1x 10' x 10' Gray Muslin BackDrop
    Shipping Weight ~ 80 lbs.
    Manufacture Fotodiox Inc.
    Warranty 24 Months

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