Fotodiox D-320 Strobe Kit - 3x D-320 Monolight Heads, 2x 6.5 Ft Stand, 1x Back Light Stand, 2x 20x28" Softbox, 1x Barndoor with Color Gel Kit + Carrying Case + Flashangel Radio Trigger Kit

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The Fotodiox monolight features key necessities needed to have beautiful yet extremely portable lighting. Compact and powerful, the D-Series lights has its reflector built into the light itself, so all the light is always reflected forward and very little is lost to 'spillage'. The D-Series Monolights were designed by photographers who have worked with digital photography, making them digital friendly for both beginners and professionals.

On the control panel there are two switches; a modeling light switch for on/off and a unit power main switch. The Ready light indicator lets you know when the light unit is ready for use and the test button allows you to test the flash without firing the camera. The built-in optic slave can is used to trigger the light by other flash sources; there is one on the back of the unit and the top so it can catch the other D-Series lights no matter where they may be positioned. There is also an output adjustment knob for full power smoothly down to 1/16. Each head is very compact and lightweight, making this kit perfect for small studios and on-the-go photographers who need to be lightweight and portable!

The Fotodiox Pro FlashAngel Radio Slave Kit (1Tx & 1Rx) is designed with a LOW triggering voltage (5.1v) for strobe lights. The 16-channel design makes it not only reliable and easy to operate, but also allows the photographer to change the channel if anyone else is using the same frequency so shooting can continue. The low voltage is safe for all digital and film cameras.

D-320 Light Kit Features:
  • All Metal Construction Body for Heavy Duty Use
  • Very compact and lightweight, great for location Use
  • Smooth power from full to 1/16 output
  • Included FlashAngel remote trigger kit (1x Transmitter & 1x Receiver)
  • 24 Month Manufactory Warranty

  • D-320 Light Kit with Radio Slave Includes:
  • 3x D-320 Fotodiox Monolight Studio Strobe (320 W-s each head)
  • 2x 6'8" Fotodiox Light Stands
  • 1x Floor Stand
  • 2x D-Series 20" x 28" Softboxes
  • 1x D-Series Barndoor & Gel Kit
  • 3x 15' Power Cords
  • 3x 8' PC Sync Cords
  • 1x FlashAngel Radio Slave Kit (1Tx & 1Rx)
  • 1x Fotodiox D-series Carrying Case

  • Style D-320 Portable Monolight Kit with Radio Slave Kit
    Max Power (W-s) 320 Watt Seconds
    Guide Number 190 (ISO100 - No Modifier, Built-In Reflector Only)
    Recycle Time 0.5s (Min Power) - 2s (Max Power)
    Output Adjustment Full - 1/16 Stepless Adjustment
    Modeling Light 60w Halogen
    Color Temperature 5600±200K (daylight)
    AC Power Supply AC 100-120V 60HZ
    Built-In Slave Yes - Optic
    Audible Charge Signal Yes - Can be turned off
    Umbrella Socket Yes - Standard Size
    PC-Sync Socket Yes - Standard 1/4" Mono Plug
    Triggering Voltage 5.1v (safe for all digital / film cameras)
    Accessory Line Fotodiox D-Series & Universal Speedring
    Dimensions (Full Kit) 11" x 13" x 29"
    Dimensions (Each Head) 3¾" x 3¾" x 10"
    Weight (Full Kit) 32 lbs
    Weight (Each Each) 3 lbs
    Manufacturer Fotodiox Inc.
    Warranty 24-Month Manufacturer
    *Additional halogen modeling bulbs can be purchased from many online stores such as:,, and (10x)

    Maintenance tip:
  • Flash tube should be kept clean at all times to avoid degradation of luminosity. When in need of cleaning, wipe with oil-free cloth. Please ensure that the electricity has been cut off, and unit is cool.
  • If the unit is not in use for long periods of time, please maintain the unit every three months by charging and discharging the unit at least three times. This will prevent the capacitor from degenerating.
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    Manufacturer Fotodiox, Inc.
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